I ….. Overcame Houthi Mines

انا …. هزمت الغام الحوثي

I ….. Overcame Houthi Mines

An evocative 28-minute film by Jordanian filmmaker Nisreen Sbeihi tells the heart-wrenching story of Dalila, a young woman who suffered the loss of her legs due to a Houthi-planted landmine. This life-altering incident occurred just days before her wedding, shattering her dreams and leaving her to face a challenging future as a disabled individual.

The Houthi insurgents, an armed faction supported by Iran, overtook Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, in September 2014, initiating a coup against the internationally recognized government. Their efforts to gain control of resisting provinces and cities extended to the city of Taiz.

For three long years, Dalila experienced immense physical and emotional pain, reduced to crawling on her hands and knees. She encountered countless empty promises of medical treatment but was left waiting.

Taiz is under the control of the Islah party, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which operates numerous local NGOs and hospitals. This political influence made it exceedingly difficult for Dalila and other victims of Houthi violence to access necessary medical treatment without party affiliation.

Following a screening of “What Remains of Me,” Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, offered to provide medical treatment for Dalila in Jordan. After a lengthy but successful recovery process, she returned to Taiz with the ability to stand and walk again. Throughout her ordeal, Dalila remained steadfast, never succumbing to the disability inflicted by the Houthi’s brutality.

The film sheds light on:

Dalila’s inability to return to her village due to the ongoing threat of Houthi snipers and the continuous planting of landmines. While receiving treatment in Jordan, she learned of another relative losing a leg to a landmine.

A local organization leader, affiliated with the Islah party, who attempted to dissuade Dalila from seeking treatment in Jordan, alleging that MSF provided subpar Turkish prosthetic limbs. Instead, he urged her to pursue treatment in Oman through an organization owned by a notable Islah party figure, Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mekhlafi.

Dalila’s impassioned plea to the Houthis, the legitimate government, and those supplying arms and mines to the Houthis.

Her call to action for compassionate individuals worldwide to unite in putting an end to this tragedy, as well as her sincere gratitude to those who supported her recovery and empathized with her plight.
“What Remains of Me” has garnered numerous accolades, such as Best Story at the South Europe International Film Festival in Valencia, the Scientific & Education Award at the East Europe International Film Festival in Warsaw, and Best Documentary at multiple international festivals. The film continues to participate in festivals around the globe.