A director, filmmaker, and scriptwriter, Nisreen Sbeihi, Graduating with honors, Nisreen obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Press and Media. Her entry into the film industry revolved around documenting real-life war situations, with a primary focus on the civil war in Yemen. Despite challenges in acquiring suitable filming equipment, her relentless ambition and determination led to her success. Her mission: to unveil the harrowing reality.

has built her career around humanitarian activism and social change. She has made an impact in the film industry by documenting real-life war situations, particularly the civil war in Yemen. Her work highlights human rights, disease outbreaks, and conflict-induced malnutrition, as well as the struggles of innocent children and vulnerable women affected by these calamities. Nisreen’s debut work, a short documentary titled “Dawn Has Not Come,” received international acclaim and won several awards.

Her latest project, “Assem,” has also been nominated for multiple awards. As an advocate for women’s empowerment, Nisreen believes that all women deserve nurturing, knowledge, and quality education.

She is an avid reader and enjoys playing the organ in her free time. Nisreen Sbeihi’s mission is to reveal the brutal reality of life in conflict zones.