Dawn Hasn’t Come

وما جاء الفجر

In a world where children tragically perish alongside their toys, and parents meet their end, leaving their offspring to eternally search for them, there exists a place that has endured over three years of relentless conflict. Here, people succumb to the ravages of fire, starvation, and disease. This place is Yemen, the birthplace of mocha coffee. “Dawn Hasn’t Come,” a poignant film by director and filmmaker Nisreen Sbeihi, sheds light on the most vulnerable victims of the Yemeni war—the children.

The movie highlights over ten heart-wrenching cases of children who have either lost their entire family, suffered physical mutilations, or endured psychological trauma due to the ongoing war. These young, silent victims are unable to stand up for their rights, relying on their parents for protection. However, when war ruthlessly snatches away their guardians, the children are left defenseless. The violence of war has stolen their innocence and stripped them of their fundamental right to life.

“Dawn Hasn’t Come” is a powerful call to action, imploring the world to shield children from the horrors of war. It is a plea to put an end to the bloodshed and restore peace. The film has received critical acclaim and several prestigious awards, including:

Best Scientific and Educational Film at the Madrid International Film Festival | 7/2018
Best Short Documentary at the North European Film Festival in London | 1/2019
Best Short Documentary at the South Europe Film Festival in Valencia | 5/2019