The thought-provoking film “Assem” was captured under arduous and perilous conditions, commencing in the province of Saada. This area is marked by its impoverished state, insular society, and extremist ideologies that reject differing perspectives. Both the young and old fervently recite Houthi slogans advocating death, which are prominently displayed on the city’s walls and gates.

During a seminar where the film was showcased, Nisreen recounted her experiences of facing threats and extremism from the Houthis while filming “Assem” in Saada province. This led her to leave the area and head towards the village of Aslam in Haja province, another region under Houthi control.

Nisreen emphasized the substantial positive impact that the film has had on introducing numerous filmmakers, journalists, and writers from around the world to the hidden reality of Houthi crimes in Yemen. This is particularly true for those who attended the film screenings at festivals and special events.

Additionally, Nisreen pointed out that “Assem” is part of a series of films that document the concealed instances of inhumane crimes perpetrated by the Houthis against children, women, and the elderly in Yemen. The group attempts to cover up these atrocities through media manipulation.

Expressing her gratitude, Nisreen thanked the international humanitarian relief organizations operating in Yemen, despite the struggles they face due to Houthi-imposed obstacles that impede their performance and activities. She acknowledged that some of these organizations’ activities may have experienced shortcomings and, in some cases, corruption.

It is noteworthy that the film “Nisreen” has garnered numerous prestigious international awards, such as the Best Science and Education Award from Belgium, accolades from the International West Film Festival, the Best Short Documentary Film Award at the Polish International Film Festival, the Best Short Documentary Film Award at the European Cinema Awards, the Best Documentary Cinematography Award at the European Cinema Awards, and the Best Director for Short Documentary Films in Poland. Additionally, the film won the Best Short Documentary Film Award at the Canadian Cinema Awards and the Best Documentary Cinematography Award at the Canadian Cinema Awards.