I ….. Overcame Houthi Mines

انا …. هزمت الغام الحوثي

I ….. Overcame Houthi Mines

A 28-minute Yemeni film made and produced by Filmmaker Nisreen Al Subehi

The film highlights the story of a young woman named Dalila who lost her legs to a landmine laid by the Houthi group as she was headed to fetch water from a well near her house. The incident took place three days prior to her wedding day, taking away the joy of her life and making her a lonely disabled young woman.

(The Houthis are an armed group backed by Iran. In September 2014, the Houthi insurgents stormed Yemen’s capital Sana’a and staged a coup against the internationally recognized government. Then they sought to take control of provinces and cities that refused to be under their control, including Taiz city.)

For three years, Dalila kept crawling on her hands and knees with profound physical and psychological pain. According to Dalila, she was given nothing but empty promises that she would get medical treatment.

(Taiz is run by the Islah party, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. They established local NGOs and have control of many hospitals in the city. This made it difficult for Dalila and other victims of Houthi crimes to get medical treatment, for they aren’t affiliated to the party. It appears that they decide who gets treatment in Taiz.)

After the screening of What Remains of Me film, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, offered to provide medical treatment for Dalila in Jordan. She began a long but successful journey of treatment and returned to Taiz with the ability to stand and walk as she had wished the day she was submitted to the hospital. She never gave in to her disability that was caused by the Houthi atrocities against whoever rises against their tyranny.

The film has documented the following:
* Dalila could not return home (as she said in the film) due to Houthi snipers positioned in hilltops that overlook her village. The constant planting of landmines in her village where one of her relatives also lost one of her legs to one of those landmines while Dalila was in Jordan for medical treatment.

* According to Dalila, she was reached out by a chairman of one of those local organizations run by the Islah party. He tried to convince her not to go to Jordan claiming that MSF provides low-quality Turkish prosthetic limbs. He tried to persuade her to go to Oman through an organization owned by Sheikh Hamoud Al-mekhlafi, who is a prominent leader in the Islah party.

* In the film, Dalila sent a message to the Houthis, the legitimate government, and those who provide weapons and mines to Houthis.

* She also sent a message to people with conscience in the world to cooperate in putting an end to this tragedy. She sincerely thanked all those who wished her recovery and sympathized with her story.

Awards won by the film : Best story, South Europe international film festival -Valencia

Scientific &Education, East Europe international film festival – Warsaw.

Best Documentary, Dragon festival, Creative international cinema- Dallas, Texas.

Best Documentary, Independent international film- los Angels.

Best Director, Independent international film- los Angels.

Best Documentary, Indie film festival-los Angels.

And the film still participating in festivals.